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This   is   your   survey   so   fill   it   out!

July 2-3-4 1999 we had our class reunion this is a survey of about what you thought or forgot to say when you were here. Also it's for the people who didn't show up! So fill in the blanks. It's for our enjoyment and who know's it might get old friends back in touch again. To those who came, thank you. For those who didn't, this is your chance to find out what happened.

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Did you have a good time?:

Who didn't you see and wished you did?

How far did you travel or would have, to get back home for this reunion?

What time did you get to sleep July 3-4?

What did you find to be the most impressive change to our town in 24-25 years?

What did you like most about the reunion?

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Do you have other comments, this is the spot?:

On Going Results & Comments
Always under construction

Jukebox of the 70's

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Muskrat Love
Virg's favorite

Crockodile Rock
? favorite

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Monkey Vog's favorite

Knights In White Sation
Lynda's favorite

Ron Gienger's favorite (he says "73" rules ?)

Stair Way To Heaven
My favorite

Black Magic Woman
Another favorite (any one can claim).

Long Train Running
For you doobie lovers

Last Dance
For the Ladies

I Will Survive
Disco anyone?

White Bird
A classic tune

Wish You Were Here
Pink anyone?

I Honestly Love You
#1 in 1974 (?)

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