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Cicely's Weather Links

Cicely's The Weather Channel Page
Local weather for Fessenden, Aberdeen, Minot AFB, Grand Forks AFB, and Jamestown. Yep that's right my very own weather page WOOF WOOF! Dam thing is broke again will fix again and again.
High Plains Climate Center
University of Nebraska weather page. These young pups don't have cold noses!
The Weather Underground
University of Michigan Weather Net page. These young pups know there weather.
National Weather Service
NWS Bismarck North Dakota, the big dogs of weather in our state!
Agriculture Online Weather
Those farm dogs want a different kind of report.
Regional Weather Information Center
The UND dog's claim to be the best trained dog? They only give you part of the bone. This is what Alpha warned me about don't trust anyone! They claim to be the best but won't let us see it all.
UM Canada Weather Information
The huskies in this country have some shivering weather at times. Go up north and check out their reports. Alpa is teaching me the metric system, my nose works best for me.
Enviorment Canada
This is almost the same brand of dog chow as our National Weather Service. Alpha thinks their a little bit better because they still use a lot of humans to look out side and see if the computers are noticing freezeing rain and thunderstorms. Did you know computers couldn't do that! Isn't that just like a flea under your collar.


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Cicely's Weather Survival Links

Have your ever had your paws so cold that they turn numb, white, or worse yet black? All of us should know how to lick our wounds!
Ever had your tail sucked up straight in the air and start wagging without you doing it?
Smart dogs take more than 1 bone when we go roaming!
What would you do if a pile of cold white stuff came rushing you down a hill?
Ever get stranded in your master's car? This is a dog sense page here!
I cower when the flashes and booms from the sky uninvited come into our yard. Just makes me crawl under the porch!
Extreme heat
Never leave any pet or person in a car on hot days. Make sure there is plenty of water and shade to protect us. There are many more things to be aware of so go sniff around this site.
Emergency Preparedness
Do you know what you should do with your doghouse to be on guard for emergencys. What would you bury in stash pile for the worst happening, bones? Not me, go here and see what I have stashed all over the yard.
FEMA For Kids
Are you a young pup or do you know some young pups? This is a great site where you'll understand what is going on. Not one of those sites where master or parent uses those big commands or words we don't understand.

North Dakota Weather Cams

KFYR-TV 5 Sky Watch Cam
Located at downtown Bismarck
Bismacrk and Dickinson Weather Cam
Located at Bismarck Airport 2-cams, Dickinson Airport
The Form Weather Cam
Located at downtown Fargo
Fargo and Grand Forks Sky Cam
Located at studios in Fargo and Grand Forks.
UND Regional Weather Information Center Sky Cam
Located in Grand Forks at the UND campus.
KMOT-TV 10 Weather Cam & Information
Located at KMOT-TV tower in S.W. Minot
NDSCS Campus Web Cam & Information
Located in Wahpeton at the NDSCS campus

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