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Can't believe all these people, /bin/counter/indes.html?000000 walk into my yard, do their thing and leave wagging their tails!

Be sure to turn up your ears. Lot's to hear here!

of POD

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Thats Squeeky running out of the yard. She's always over here snooping around my bone piles!

Woof Woof

Dig a hole to one of the links below!

You will find out about my town, Carrington & the state, North Dakota. This is where my owners (Barb & Mike) decided to settle down, and raise me to be a good and responsible dog.

You are probably thinking who cares! Woof! I do and I like it here so get that nose out of the air and down to the ground and sniff around.

Webtv's Dogmaster Cicely Lee Larson

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Carrington Link's
Link's to most every site about Carrington.

Cicely's Backyard
Fun and game's here, some neat stuff too!

Bark At Yourself
Write in the black box and it barks back. Woof!

McFarland Supply Home Page
Where Alpha works!

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LAST UPDATE 12/26/99

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If I'm online I'll bark back at you!

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