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Hawksnest (The History)

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Woof, welcome to another Cicely website. This page is a compiled history of the Hawksnest Hills, also known as Huyawayapaahdi, Hechaote, Great Coteau, Chief Hill, Pilot Knob. This account of the history of the Hawksnest area was compiled for the Boy Scout Troop 172 Carrington, North Dakota, for their fall District Camporee, October 4th, 5th, & 6th at the Hawksnest Hills, Section 26, Hawksnest Township, Wells County, North Dakota. Located aprox. 8 miles south of the Foster & Wells County line 0n Hwy's 52 & 200 aprox. 8 miles west of Carrington. If you can't snif out what your looking for, e-mail me at and we will do our best to dig up what your looking for. Have a site that should be in the bone pile, send it. Thanks for stoping by and please place your paw print in our guest book!
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Hawksnest the early years Audio Text

Hawksnest the 1800's Audio Text

Hawksnest the Buffalo's Stories Audio Text

Hawksnest the Settler's Stories Audio Text

Hawksnest the 1900's Audio Text

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