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I just love all the smells of North Dakota. The open praires, hills, rivers, lakes, and miles and miles of open spaces, WOOF WOOF don't you feel it? Go sniff around here and you will see what I barking about. Master Mike asked me why is there no organization here? You have links all over with no rhime or reason for catageories, or subject matter. Woof, ever see me sniff in a straight line! Any way you have me on a leash, so I can't leave the state. So this is what I have sniffed up about the state, for those friends of mine that can't leave the yard.

Start sniffing hear

North Dakota Disaster Center
News, weather, emergencey dictory to online information.
North Dakota Home Page
Just what it says. woof
NDSU Extension Service
Foster County
Foster County
County info.
Grand Forks Herald Story
Bufflo Commons
North Dakota United States Community
Another North Dakota links Page
Public Lands
Wanna stake a clain, just have to build a dog house.
Vital Records
Birth and death info.
Trade Corridor
Another Carrington page from Chamber of Commerance
N.D. Geological Survey
These people really know sniff the ground.
Excite Travel ND
Good info page
Time Passages
1900 in Foster Co.
NDSU Data Center
Ag stats and data, data, data, Woof enough
Office of Management and Budget
Wanna see where you jerky money is going.
State Archives & History
Old bones here for sure. oooof
Inedx of Native Amercian Resorces
There are some smart dogs running around here check it out.
ND Gen Web Home Page
Looking for the long forgotten
Indicators of Community Well-Being
Foster Co. poverty,income,employment,education info.
1895 North Dakota
Back to the dog house.
Place your paw print here.
Traveler? Click here!
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