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Cicely's Home Carrington, North Dakota from a dogs point of view! Can't believe all these people, walk into my yard, do their thing and leave wagging their tails!

Be sure to turn up your ears. Lot's to hear here!

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Thats Squeeky running out of the yard. She's always over here snooping around my bone piles!

Woof Woof

Dig a hole to one of the links below!

You will find out about my town, Carrington & the state, North Dakota. This is where my owners (Barb & Mike) decided to settle down, and raise me to be a good and responsible dog.

You are probably thinking who cares! Woof! I do and I like it here so get that nose out of the air and down to the ground and sniff around.

Webtv's Dogmaster Cicely Lee Larson

Carrington Links

Here's why they're barking about our town!
We don't even have a dogcatcher! Got to ride in the police car a last year! Officer Randy was real nice he called mom and dad and they retrievied me at the police station. No treat that nite!

Cicely's Weather Page (NEW 2/23/99)
Crawl out from under the porch, alpha has taught me how to live in the most hair raising weather. This is no sniffing with out commands!

Looking for a new doghouse?
Dog houses may be hard to find because next summer the main doghouse for a pipline crew will be in the area. Woof Woof get yours soon!

Dakota Kid's Daycare Center (New 2/27/99)
This is a safe place to have the pups scamper around with other pups. The masters here are licensed & trained. No reason to have the hair stand up on our backs while we are out sniffing out bones & biscuits for supper.

Community Church's
This is a list of our area church's, no barking in these building's!

Dakota Growers Pasta Co.
One of the city's largest group of dog owners work here, using local grains to make Pasta for the world! I still like Alpo better.

AgGrow Oil Co.
This is the only breed of its kind in the world. They make oil from the crops my farm dog friends rasie to supply new and old oil products. Makes your coat shiny too!

Garrison Diversion Conservancy District
This is the main doghouse for a waterproject to dig trenches to move water from that big lake 100 miles away. I just love water, but my claws can't dig that far!

NDSU Research Extension Center
The people who find the best ways to grow food to feed our family.

North Dakota Buffalo Assn.
There this big huge dog they call buffalo that many of my farm friends rasise. Wan't to learn more about this critter go to this site!

Dakota Central Telecommunications COOP
Our local internet provider guess that means they feed my master's minds.

Northern Plains Electric Cooperative
These humans provide the area with a thing called electricity. Alpa says this is like when my hair stands up when I roll around the carpet too long.

Red River Valley & Western Railroad
This big truck with lots of wheels hauls grain my farm dogs raise. It has a very loud horn and never leaves the street its on, just paceing back and forth like I like to do sometimes. Carrington is its northern home.

Carrington Public Schools Homepage
Those smaller masters. I like these humans because you don't have to stand on you back legs to lick them in the face.

Class of 1974-75 this is for you old dogs (New 7/4/99)
Master left me at home to hear fireworks while Bata and him were out playing & danceing with old and new friends and talking about the days they were young pups. Glad this will only happen every 24-25 years. By then I'll be 175 years old and won't even give a poop! This is a survey of what you humans thought about it so go fill it out. Alpha will keep it current, (ever see a plumber show up on time!) Woof do it any way he will keep it some-what current.

A map of central North Dakota
Want to see where my doghouse is?

North Dakota History
Old dogs sniff around this site!

Tour My Dakota Links Page (NEW 1/24/99)
Break that leash and go roaming Dakota Territory!

City Politics (New 1/23/99 UNOFFICIAL CITY HALL PAGE)
My Alpha master is a city councilman. Beta likes that, she don't like him barking at home. Can't run loose like other pets, he says it wouldn't look good. Woof politics!

Dogpile Search
This is my favorite sniffing ground, lots of smells here!

Cicelylee's Website
My first chew bone was done on Sony Inergy. This is a clone to this page.

McFarland Supply
This is where Alpha master works. He roams all over the state without a leash! Beta sometimes thinks he needs one.

Radio Links Page (NEW 2/15/99)
Alpha master sits by these funny black boxes and makes the strangest noises. It sometimes hurts my ears and Beta's too!

Hippie Hangout (NEW 2/16/99)
Alpha is a history hound and this was a part of his history. Lots of people misunderstood what the hippie culture really was. This is where we will lead you to learn more about it.

Don't cower away now, I don't bite!

You never know who you might find here!

LAST UPDATE 12/19/99

Yes this means there are more pages, but this is not the end of this page. Continue reading on and come back and click on the arrow above.

Cicely's E-Mail and Bark Spot

This is a disclaimer! This was sent to me from one of my west-coast pups!
I Love my master Thus I perfume myself with this long-rotten squirrel. I lie belly-up In the sunshine, happier than you will ever be. Today I sniffed Many dog butts -- I celebrate by kissing your face. I sound the alarm! Paperboy -- come to kill us all-- Look! Look! Look! I sound the alarm! Garbage man -- come to kill us all --Look! Look! Look! I sniff my leg and whiz on each bush. Hello, Spot -- sniff this and weep. How do I love thee? The ways are as numberless as my hairs on the rug. My human is home! I am so ecstatic I have made a puddle. I Hate my choke chain. Look, World, they strangle me! Ack,Ack,Ack,Ack,Ack! Sleeping here, my chin on your foot -- No greater bliss -- well, maybe catching cats. Look in my eyes and deny it. No human could love you as much as I do. The cat is not all bad, She fills the litter box with Tootsie Rolls. Dig under a fence --Why? Because it's there. Because it's there. Because .... I am your best friend, now, always, and Especially when you are eating. You may call them fleas, but they are far more than That --I call them a vocation. My owners' mood is Romantic -- I lie near their feet. I FART a big one.

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